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International Webinar on Long-Term Social Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic, 22-24 February 2022

International Webinar on Long-Term Social Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic, 22-24 February 2022

This webinar will be conducted by the National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka (NASSL) under the auspices of the Association of Academies and Societies of Science in Asia (AASSA) and the Inter Academy Partnership (IAP).


Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic not only resulted in thousands of deaths, debilitations, and economic and other losses across the world, but also left a deep and indelible mark on the human psyche and society. A Pew Research Centre survey conducted in 2020 indicated that 44% of people (in the US) felt that it has altered their lives and lifestyle in a significant way. The impact of the pandemic may affect people’s hearts and minds and their very existence for many decades, in a very different post- Covid world.

In this context, we hope, through this webinar, to generate contributions and discussions that are evidence based and, at the same time, focus on long term social impacts (beyond the immediate recovery phase). Post-webinar dissemination will be via conference proceedings and Youtube videos. It is also hoped that a policy statement can be generated about how to address long-term impacts as an outcome of this webinar, based on the consensus reached thereat.

Keynote Speakers

  1. Prof. Dominic Abrams, FBA (University of Kent and the British Academy): The Covid decade
  2. Prof. Malik Peiris, FRS (University of Hong Kong and NASSL): Global public health
  3. Prof. Dame Anne Mills, FRS (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences): Adaptable, responsive and equitable health systems
  4. Prof. Virendra Malhotra (Indian Council of Social Science Research): Social protection
  5. Dr. Jim Ackers (UNICEF): Learning transformation for all post-COVID

EM Wijerama Endowment Oration by Vidyajyothi Prof Vajira Dissanayake

EM Wijerama Endowment Oration by Vidyajyothi Prof Vajira Dissanayake

Dear All

One of our Fellows Vidyajyothi Prof Vajira Dissanayake will be delivering the EM Wijerama Endowment Oration (2021) on Sat 30th October at 6:15 pm (see below for program – actual lecture starts at 7:15 pm).

You can either

  1. Register well BEFORE the event at After registering, a zoom link will be sent to the email you provided in the registration process – this is probably SAFER. OR
  2. You MAY be able to use the same link say 15 minutes before the event. At that time you will be asked for your name and email AND taken directly to the event.


6.15 pm Arrival of the Chief Guest
6.30 pm Ceremonial Procession
6.35 pm National Anthem
6.40 pm Traditional Lighting of the Oil Lamp
6.45 pm Welcome Address
Dr Padma Guneratne
President, SLMA
6.50 pm Address by the Chief Guest
Prof. Indika Karunathilake
Immediate Past President, SLMA
6.55 pm Presentation of SLMA Research
Prizes and Awards 2021
7.10 pm Vote of Thanks
Dr. Sumithra Tissera
Honorary Secretary, SLMA
7.15 pm Dr. E. M. Wijerama Endowment Oration
“From Wijerama House to Marlborough House
– the Story of Creating Capacity for Data
Driven Health Care in Sri Lanka and Beyond”
Vidya Jyothi Prof. Vajira H.W. Dissanayake
Faculty of Medicine,
Chair and Senior Professor,
Department of Anatomy,
Genetics and Biomedical Informatics,
University of Colombo Sri Lanka
8.00 pm Close

Invitation to The International Conference on Tropical Sciences: Contributions to Sustainability (TropSc 2021)

Dear National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka, Greetings from The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM)! We are pleased to inform you that the Mahathir Science Award Foundation (MSAF) and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) will be hosting the International Conference on Tropical Sciences: Contributions to Sustainability (TropSc) from 25 to 27 October 2021. […]

REGISTER TODAY for Monday 18th Oct RCS Canada Webinar featuring Prof Mohan Munasinghe: Prospects for Sustainable Development in a Post-COVID Commonwealth

Dear All

Prof Mohan Munasinghe, FNASSL will be the featured speaker in a Royal Commonwealth Society Canada event at 9:30 am EDT (7:00 pm SL time?) on Monday 18th October. The topic is Prospects for Sustainable Development in a Post-COVID Commonwealth, covering 2 issues that confront the entire world – Sustainability & Covid.

Please register early (preferably TODAY) at the link below, else the registration window may expire.

42nd Annual General Meeting

AGM for 2021 will be conducted electronically at 4:00 pm on Wed 29 September 2021 (Preceded by a Guest Lecture by Rohan Pethiyagoda, FNASSL at 3:00 pm on Sri Lanka: the case for optimism)

Election of Fellows will be by electronic voting. You will receive a weblink for this by email.

Please see the following documents (click on link to open):

General Secretary
National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka

NASSL Induction Ceremony 2020

The induction ceremony of Fellows elected in 2020 was held at 4:00 pm on Friday 22 January 2021 in “hybrid” mode, chaired by the President, Professor Priyan Dias. Only a small group of participants were present at the National Science Foundation Board Room, but a much larger number joined online.

There were four new Fellows inducted, namely Professor Sarath Abeykoon, Professor Saroj Jayasinghe, Professor Ranjith Senaratne and Dr Sirimal Premakumara. Of them, Dr Premakumara was elected a year earlier but could not participate in the corresponding ceremony. He was also the only inductee who was physically present. All the inductees, who were introduced by their proposers, presented brief accounts of their work.

The guest speaker for the event was Professor Sasanka Perera, a professor of sociology at the South Asian University. He spoke on the topic “Science, Belief and State Policy: Towards a Necessary Exercise in Discursive Disentanglement?”, using recent Sri Lankan (pseudo?) science related controversies as case studies, namely the Glyphosate ban, Ravana myth and “Dammika Peniya”. The text of his address can be found here; it was also published in the Daily Island.