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Commonwealth academies statement on climate change, biodiversity and sustainable energy (5 June 2020)

COVID-19 has had a profound impact across the globe, affecting health and health services, impacting the global economy, and exacerbating social and economic inequalities. Global cooperation and effective policy are essential for tackling the virus and for ensuring a successful economic recovery. But the global pandemic does not change the fact that the world also continues to face an ever-growing environmental emergency. Indeed, COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of governments working together and we must build on this global response to address the climate crisis.

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41st Annual General Meeting (updated 15/09/2020)

AGM for 2020 will be conducted electronically at 4:00 pm on 16 October 2020
Election of Fellows will be by (fresh) postal ballot; ballot papers have been posted
Please see the following documents (click on link to open):

  1. Copy of letter to Fellows dated 28/08/2020
  2. Scientific achievements of all 17 nominees
  3. AGM 2020 papers (Minutes of 2019 AGM & Annual Report 2019-20)

General Secretary
National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka