Empowering Teenagers to be Oriented Towards UN Sustainable Development Goals with STEM

Jointly organized by the Section D, Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science (SLAAS) and Sri Lanka National Chapter of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World


Coordinators: Dr. Hiruni Harishchandra (Secretary, Section D, SLAAS)

Dr. Ureshani Karunarathna (Secretary, SLNC-OWSD and Rapporteur,
Section D, SLAAS)

Primary Objective- Popularize the Science education among school students
Specific Objectives- To identify the student innovators

To educate them on the pipeline of the innovation

A symposium on “INNOVATION FROM WORKBENCH TO COMMERCIAL” will be organized in parallel to the competition.

AREA OF INTEREST – Health, Agriculture, Food, Engineering, and ICT


Submission of video 1st round- 30 July 2022
2nd round (Final -viva)– 30 August 2022
Award Ceremony- SLAAS Annual Session


1. The best student innovation award is open to school students in Grade 10, 11 (Category A), 12 and 13 (Category B) from state and non-state Schools in Sri Lanka.

The competition will be conducted under two categories
Category A – Grade 10 and 11
Category B- Grade 12 and 13

The competition is composed of two circles.
1st Circle – 10 applicants are to select from each category after evaluating the video submitted
2nd Circle- The applicant who are selected from the first round must face a viva voce (in person)

Among them the Best Innovator, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up will be selected after a via held in person.

In addition to that “the best Girl School Innovator-2022” will be selected.

Instructions for video preparation
Time duration
The duration of the video should not be more than 3 minutes.


  1. The video must be HD quality and saved in MP4/ compatible video format.
  2. The maximum file size should be 500 MB.
  3. The video should be prepared in English/Sinhala/Tamil medium. The contents of the video should be original. Do not include any copyright materials including images, videos etc.
  4. Please save the video file as “Name with initials _category”. Eg: “D.I.A. Perera –
    category A” (Please note that this is for submission purposes only; we will assign a number for the video file for evaluation purposes).

Instructions for video submission

  1. Individual/ group submission will be allowed.
  2. Contestants should register for the contest and submit the video online through the given link.
  3. Participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory.


  1. All submissions will be evaluated by an expert panel of reviewers.
  2. The decision of the reviewing panel will be final and will not be subjected to any change.

Awards and certificates

  1. A certificate of participation will be awarded to all the contestant/s.
  2. Awards and certificates to the winners will be presented at the Inauguration of the Annual Sessions of the SLAAS- 2022.