Prof. Yoo Hang Kim Young Women Scientists Award – Year 2023


The purpose of the Award is to enable young women scientists early in their careers to attend an AASSA-recognized international scientific conference or meeting, at which they will present the results of their original research.


Nominations for the Prof. Yoo Hang Kim Young Women Scientists Award may be made by an AASSA member academy from a Low- or Middle-Income Country (LMIC) excluding those from Highly Developed Countries (HDC) and G-20 countries[1]

Nominations must be made on the official letter-head of the AASSA member academy or society, and be accompanied by soft (electronic) copies of each of the required documents/evidences.

Eligibility and Amount of Awards:

  1. Nominees shall be young women scientists early in their career in the field of STEM, preferably no more than five years after obtaining their PhD degrees.
  2. A nominee should have experiences with presentations of her original research at an internationally recognized scientific conference or have been accepted/published in International journals.
  3. The nominee should specify the AASSA-recognized international scientific conference/meeting that she wishes to attend and provide evidence that she has been accepted to present the results of her original research at the conference. Each awardee must present the results of her original research at the conference specified in the nomination.
  4. Each Award will be of up to USD2,000 and shall be used by the awardee to pay for a round-trip economy airfare from her country to the conference host country, conference registration, per diem and accommodation. Payment of the award amount shall be made as reimbursement of these expenses upon the submission of original receipts, and evidence concerning her presentation, by the awardee. There can be bank fees deducted from international wire transfer at the awardee’s expense.

Documents required from the nominee

Along with the nomination letter from the academy/society under AASSA, the following documents are required to be submitted:

(The nominee is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided in this form. Providing incorrect information will render the nomination void).

  1. Application form
  2. Conference acceptance letter
  3. Self-attested copy of Ph.D. certificate/award
  4. Electronic reprints (or web links) for up to three important research papers published in internationally reputed scientific journals.

Process for Year 2023

  1. Interested individual to participate in the conference to be held within year 2023 must upload and submit an application form along with evidence files on our online form( Same form and files should also be sent to her Local Academy/Society which is a member of AASSA.
  1. Applicants’ Local Academy/Society which is a member of AASSA, will screen the applicants and forward information of at most two nominees in each call with the letter of nomination to AASSA Secretariat(
  1. AASSA Secretariat forwards the nominations to the WISE committee by 15 April 2023 for the first call and 15 July 2023 for the second call for the selection.
  1. The selection results will be announced shortly and the award will be reimbursed after attending the conference in 2023 with proper receipts and evidences (boarding passes, certificate of conference participation, pictures) submitted to AASSA Secretariat by 15 Dec 2023.
  1. Decisions made by the AASSA’s WISE Committee and Executive Board are final and shall not be challenged in court of law or elsewhere.

[1] As of the year 2022, the AASSA member countries excluded are Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Turkey.