From Unnoticed to Time’s 100: Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Mojsov’s Quest for Well-Deserved Recognition

Hanoi, May 22nd, 2024
Dear Scientists,
It is with great enthusiasm that we present the second episode of the Unveil the Future podcast series, a collection of eight inspiring conversations with scientific luminaries! Our guests include the VinFuture Prize Laureates, esteemed members of our Prize Council and Pre-Screening Committee, and outstanding scientists whose groundbreaking work and journeys ignite inspiration and make a profound impact on countless lives worldwide.We hope that regardless of your background or interests, you will find something compelling in each episode as our esteemed scientists share their captivating stories. We are thrilled to have you embark on this journey with us!

In this episode, we’re diving into the remarkable journey of Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Mojsov, a Laureate of the 2023 VinFuture Special Prize for Innovators with Outstanding Achievements in Emerging Fields. She has also recently been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine.

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Her story is one of resilience and passion in the world of science. In the 1980s, she made a groundbreaking discovery about a hormone called glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) and its crucial role in triggering insulin production in the pancreas. This discovery paved the way for revolutionary treatments for hyperglycemia, transforming the lives of millions worldwide by managing diabetes and aiding in weight loss.  

Despite her major role, her contributions were often overlooked, with other scientists receiving prominent recognition for these pharmaceutical breakthroughs. Yet, she persisted, ensuring her rightful place as a co-inventor on GLP-1 patents and correcting scientific papers that omitted her essential findings.

Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Mojsov embodies the essence of passion, hard work, tenacity, and integrity, offering a beacon of motivation to all who listen. As her narrative unfolds, you’ll discover that even when your efforts go unnoticed, your dedication never goes unnoticed by the universe. Every ounce of hard work finds its rightful recognition in due time.

Take a moment to unwind with your favorite beverage and immerse yourself in this new episode of our podcast. Join us for a captivating conversation with Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Mojsov, where wisdom meets resilience in an enriching exchange.

Listen to the podcast here on YouTube |Spotify

If her journey resonates with you and you’re eager to engage further, we encourage you to reach out to our Head of Communications, Mr. Toan Quach, at and become a part of the conversation that inspires change.

Dr. Thai-Ha Le
Managing Director, VinFuture Foundation