Dear Dr. de Alwis,

I read your article on CKDu in the Island, printed on Dec 8. I regret that I came to know about it only today and therefore, will not be able to attend the conference. Your article is well written and I appreciate your inclusiveness. It is very unfortunate that this disease has not been conquered. I am sure when you all put your heads together, you could nail down the etiology.

A good friend of mine in Anuradhapura  passed away due to this disease. I am a forensic pathologist and had worked in Anuradhapura from 1977 to 1981 and did many autopsies all over Anuradhapura. I did not come across many cases of chronic kidney diseases.

I am wondering whether, the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) in Anuradhapura could help you in obtaining kidney samples of control cases and those who are in the process of developing the disease. For example, there are many cases of deaths due to traffic accidents, hangings, drownings, and of course heart attacks on whom judicial autopsies are done. The JMO doing the autopsy could, with the permission of the Coroner and the next of kin, could easily secure kidney biopsies as well as blood and other tissues (for analysis of toxins, heavy metals etc). You could also get all the details that you have mentioned in your article from the next of kin.

I wish you success in conquering this disease.

Thank you

Dr. A. T. Balachandra
Chief Medical Examiner