The Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA) established the Special Committee for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) in 2013 in which NASSL continues to be represented. The mission of the WISE committee is to promote issues of importance to women in science and engineering in the Asian and Australasian region.

From 2013-2017 the committee, chaired by Professor Doe Sun Na, held three regional workshops addressing the task of finding ways to empower women in science in Asian countries. This led to the publication of a report “Women in Science and Technology in Asia” in 2015

Professor Cheryl Praeger, Foreign Secretary of the Australian Academy of Science took over as Chair of this Committee in 2017. A web page for the AASSA-WISE committee has been established on the AASSA web site, and brief profiles of the members of the committee are available at